Prologue: The independent Oslo brand was formed back in 2004. Over the past years, the founder and head designer Eva Emanuelsen has shaped the brand into what it is today — a ready-to-wear approach to the premium segment made for enlightened, modern women. The collections are made to last beyond seasons, as the atelier design new pieces and reinvent classics in a contemporary merge of traditional fabrics, silhouettes and techniques.

Epilogue Office

Inside the atelier of Epilogue

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Our main resources goes into fabric research and collaborations with Europe's best weaving mills, preferably in Italy, France and England

— Nordic elegance and sartorial flair
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The brand originates from a classic sartorial wardrobe, where the focus for all seasons has, and always will be, to facilitate a unique collection to empower women through defined and strong silhouettes. Our continuous encounter of Nordic women that emanates confidence in their lifestyle and mindset, is all over a great influence for Epilogue. The brand have applied architectural lines in our pieces since the very start, which preserve a flair of Oslo where Epilogue is based and created.


Inside the atelier of Epilogue we deal with unique and specific qualities, in which we devote segments of our collections to every season. The potentials of good qualities are everlasting. As we revisit the menswear super wools at old Italian mills, season after season, a classic pinstripe or a perfect twill always catches our eye. Epilogue celebrates a continuous triangle of materials — wool, silk and new textile developments. The design team and cutters simultaneously create a diverse collection, such as pieces with engineered and hand drawn prints, all created in-house. The production is crafted in small and exclusive quantities in close collaboration with safe suppliers, mills and ateliers.

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We source often surfaces and textures that gives the garments even more character, be that natural hair or more technical solutions.

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In our backyard: The Old Postal building in Quadraturen is where the Epilogue Atelier and shop is based, first build in 1906.

An epilogue is often a concluding section that rounds out the design of a literary work or the final scene in a play that comments on or summarizes the main action — or our favourite; the concluding section of a musical composition.


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